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Local businesses are always looking for new ways to keep their customers in town. During the last six years, the Goondiwindi Chamber of Commerce has helped the local economy retain more than $250,000 with the Gundy Gift Card program.

GOONDIWINDI, March 5, 2018 — The number of stores accepting the Gundy Gifts Cards has swelled to 36 in the last six years since the program was created. Businesses have for a long time been searching for new ways to keep locals buying local rather than buying online, or in the bigger cities. Customers too, have been wanting to support local business and have been searching for a way to set the example.

The Goondiwindi Chamber of Commerce provide the resources for both businesses and consumers to keep their money in town. In connection with Why Leave Town promotions, the Chamber of Commerce have been providing the Gundy Gift Card to local businesses, who in turn pass them to consumers.

For example, any participating business receives a supply of gift cards at no cost. When a customer wants to purchase a gift card, they hand over the amount they want to put on the card, the business loads that amount onto the card, and the card is then passed on.

When the customer holding the gift card wishes to make a purchase, they simply go to the participating store of their choice, and use the gift card like any other credit or debit card. It really is that simple.

Simplicity is what drives the growth in the Gundy Gift Card Program. Businesses who want to participate only have to make a phone call to the Chamber of Commerce to get set-up.

The growth and success of the program is really visible in how well the cards are utilised. During the month of January the Program exceed $250,000 of funds loaded onto cards. Every single one of those dollars have been spent right here in Goondiwindi. That translates to about 5,000 articles of clothing, or over 1,000 pairs of shoes, or even 8,000 meals, all bought from local businesses.

About Goondiwindi Chamber of Commerce

The Goondiwindi Chamber of Commerce is not your average business organisation.  The Goondiwindi Region has its own unique feel and special demands that are reflected in the business community.

Since its inception in 2009, the Chamber has played a leading role in representing the needs of local business operators.  The Chamber knows the constant tensions between local governments, commercial needs and residents.  The practical experience and combined skills of our members, add up to an organisation that is best placed to represent local people and their businesses.


Brooke Saxby, Executive Officer

Goondiwindi Chamber of Commerce

(07) 4671 7486


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