Rates & Recycling

Last month the Goondiwindi Regional Council (GRC) sent out 2 media releases that have caused a lot of discussion around town.
We have linked the 2 articles in this post for your convenience and will provide you with an overview of what this means to you:

Rates: The value of land in the Goondiwindi community has increased significantly in the last 12 months. A portion of your rates are calculated based on the value of the land. If your land value has increased significantly, you may see an increase in your rates as a result of this. COUNCIL MEDIA RELEASE: EXTREME VARIANCES OF PROPERTY VALUATIONS CAUSE COUNCIL TO REVIEW RATING POLICY

Recycling: With recycling being introduced this July, your rates notice will include an additional $50 for Recycling services with the waste collection portion you currently pay each year. COUNCIL MEDIA RELEASE: WASTE CHARGES CHANGE IN NEW BUDGET

If you would like to download a printable version of this Recycling information, Click Here: http://www.grc.qld.gov.au/recycling-right

The media releases our council send to our community are available on their website: www.grc.qld.gov.au  (Click on the heading: News & Events –> Council News)

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