Gundy Gift Card Program

Gundy Gift Card Program

Join the Gundy Gift Card Program

  • All the money loaded and redeemed stays within the Goondiwindi Community

  • Even if the money goes to one of you competitors it is better than going outside of our community – i.e. these people are likely to spend their money in this community, and it has a chance to cycle back to you

One Card – Endless Possibilities

  • You can give someone a gift card and they can buy anything they want

  • We have a large number of stores participating in the Gundy Gift Card Network

  • People can use it to go treat themselves or just take care of the essential items like groceries and fuel

The Easy Way to Shop

  • You can do all your Christmas Shopping in one place

  • Don’t have to think about what to buy someone

  • Is more thoughtful than cash

  • Is better to give than cash as it encourages people to go and buy a gift for themselves rather than putting the cash in their wallet for everyday expenses

  • For a lot of businesses – this is easier than managing Gift Vouchers

  • Can work in conjunction with current gift voucher programs

More than Just a Gift Card

  • Can be used to give discounts

  • Can be given instead of cash for sponsorship or donations to ensure the money stays local

  • If a business gives a gift to their employee(s) using the card rather than cash it is TAX FREE

For more information about the Gundy Gift Card Program, please contact us today.

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